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Judge James Blackstock of Houston; certified pervert, moron

In the recent past Judge James Blackstock “The Perv” was forced to resign his judgeship after being exposed as one of Texas/ preeminent perverts
Judge James Blackstock “The Perv” had a habit of sexually harassing and/or assaulting female court staff. One of his victims said his actions were “simple perverted-ness” and another broke down sobbing after The Perv” resigned as part of a plea deal finding him guilty of one court of official oppression and four counts of assault.
The Perv pleaded nolo contendere (no contest) to each criminal charge read by visiting Judge George Godwin. Judge Godwin, a well-respected enabler and apologist for Judicial Misfits in within the Legal Industry, was hell-bent on sending The Perv a message he wouldn’t soon forget when announcing his sentence. I was dumbfounded and shocked upon learning of the severity of the punishment Judge Godwin imposed on The Perv.
The unduly harsh sentence imposed by the Right Reverend Judge Godwin was a fine of $750 on the criminal oppression charge and $350 on each count (5) of assault (sexual) by offensive and provocative physical contact (aka, criminal groping). Judge Godwin then cemented his status as possessing no compassion when he unconscionably piled on by ordering The Perv to pay court costs, which amounted to $11.14. Luckily for The Perv, Texas law allowed him to use campaign funds to pay the oppressive fine totaling $2500.
The Perv was extremely fortunate in having the Right Reverend Judge Godwin appointed to his criminal case. After all, The Perv was facing one-year of imprisonment for each grope and a $4,000 fine. Whew wee, had The Perv been sentenced by a Judge Roy Bean clone (aka, hanging judge) he may well have sentenced to five (5) years in prison and fined $20,000.
During the criminal proceedings and/or shortly after The Perv receive his draconian sentence from the Right Reverend Judge Godwin,  numerous of his victims commented on his disgusting conduct, which is as follows:
  1. The first victim said The Perv touched her on the breasts (plural) while in his office. Only proves The Perv wasn’t biased since he fondled both breasts, right?
  2. The second victim accused The Perv of twice touching her breasts and buttocks in his office. Again, in the interest of fairness and equity, what’s the big deal?
  3. The third victim accused The Perv of placing his hand beneath her blouse and sending her pornographic images via cell-phone and email; albeit all were judicially approved by the Texas Judicial Conduct Commission. Whew, I feel better, how about Y'all?
  4. Juvenile court employee said The Perv emailed her a picture of a vagina
  5. Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv sent her a cellphone image of a bare-breasted female
  6. Another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv sent her email pictures of bare-breasted-females displaying their genitals
  7. Another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv touched her breast while she was driving a motor vehicle
  8. Another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv sent her a cell-phone image of a male performing a sexual act
  9. Another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv asked him to expose his penis, I’m sorry I mean her breast while in his office
  10. Another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv showed her, on his computer screen in his judicial office, a lewd exhibition of a nude female with genitalia exposed
  11. And finally, yet another Juvenile Probation Dept. employee said The Perv e-mailed multiple pictures of bare-breasted females displaying lewd exhibitions of their genitals
Obviously, these ladies had two breasts and two buttock-cheeks, right? What would y’all think if The Perv openly discriminated against one breast and/or one butt-cheek over the other? Need I say more in supoort of The Perv's unbiased condcut?

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