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Former Judge Danny Ray Wells of Logan County, WV; convict, pervert

Logan County has been notorious for corrupt political machines. Some of the combatants in the Hatfield-McCoy feud were tried and hanged in Logan County.
Judge Danny Ray Wells was just another in a long line of corrupt public officials running amuck in Logan County.
Danny Boy’s Bond Scam
While on the bench Danny Boy came up with a scheme wherein he would tell a mother that she’d have to pay a $300 “special, nonrefundable bond” to secure the release of her son to some unnamed mystery man who acted as though he was an official court sanctioned bondsman.
Danny would then free the boy on a personal recognize bond (no cash required), and then he and John Nagy, Danny’s court marshal would then split the cash.
Sex in Lieu of Cash
When someone was unable to fork over the necessary cash, Danny would accept sex as an adequate substitute. One woman subsequently testified that she believed the only way to free her husband from jail was to take Danny up on his office to have intercourse with him at night in the magistrate’s lunch room.
Danny’s Bar Bill
Then Mayor and attorney Tom Esposito, a longtime associate of Danny’s who was eventually convicted of buying votes.
Esposito admitted that he paid at least $6,500 worth of Danny’s bar tabs. In return, Danny referred clients to Esposito.
Danny was subsequently indicted for his felonious criminal conduct and sentenced to an 8-year prison sentence. Upon his release, Danny’s job opportunities will be limited; however, I suspect he’d qualify for the following employment:
  • Solicitor for the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart
  • Family Values consultant for Dr. James Dobson
  • Airport restroom lookout for former Sen. Larry Craig
Of course if none of these job opportunities pan out for Danny, there’s always bartender’s school, right?

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