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Donald Trump Jr.: Today’s “Congenital Liar” Award Winner


In an effort to prove the old adage that “the Avocado doesn’t fall far from the Tree” Junior decided to emulate The Great Leader by telling a blatant lie about the state of the economy.


Shortly after Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announed a 4.1 percent GDP growth in 2018’s second quarter, Junior spewed forth the following falsehoods.

  • “Incredible numbers.”
  • “I remember when ‘the experts’ laughed about breaking 3%.”
  • “Just because Obama never broke 2% doesn’t mean that something with great policies can’t.”
  • “Let’s keep this going.”

Junior’s tweet was a response to Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta announcing a 4.1 percent GDP growth in 2018’s second quarter. The undeniable truth according to the Labor Department’s records are that during the Obama presidency, there were 15 quarters of GDP growth that surpassed 2% or better, 8 quarters of 3% growth or better, including three of 4% or better.


The best quarter of GDP growth for Obama was the third quarter of 2014 when it hit 5.2%. I couldn’t locate my trusty abacus; however, my 5-year-old grandson confirmed that 5.2% was higher than 4.1% and definitely higher than 2.0%.


Apparently, Junior must have skipped the classes on remedial arithmetic when he attended grade school in the 1980s at The Buckley School in New York City.


And lastly, only a Monumental Dunce and Congenital Liar would make up numbers regarding Obama’s achievements without spending a couple of minutes googling the matter.


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