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Attorney Harvey Ginsberg of Minneapolis; Bully, degenerate liar

Harvey Ginsberg succeeded in duping the voters in the Minneapolis area into electing him to a judgeship on the 4th Judicial District iin 1992 and reelect ing him in 1998.
From June 2003 through May 2004, Harvey was on medical leave which allowed him to continue to receive his undeserved salary. After a felony charge was filed against Harvey, the Supreme Court ordered that he be suspended from the bench “with pay” on June 15, 2004.
Prior to going on paid medical leave, t he Judicial Commission charged and then found Harvey guilty of the following misconduct:
Animal Cruelty Case
When defense counsel approached Harvey whether he would accept a plea agreement for the defendant, Harvey said, “Let’s kill him.” Harvey then brought the defendant into chambers along with three sheriff deputies and repeatedly demanded that the defendant choose one of the deputies to fight, which the defendant agreed to do. 
Juvenile Assault
Two juveniles hid Harvey’s son’s bicycle in a dumpster. Harvey reported it stolen. After the bike was found, Harvey accosted one of the boys, a 14-year-old, at a shopping center. Harvey told the boy never to mess with his family again, grabbed him by the shirt, pulled him off his bike and pushed him onto a bench. When the boy threatened to call the cops, Harvey told him “Go ahead, I’m a judge and I’ll have you charged with a felony.” When the boy said the bike’s value wouldn’t support a felony charge, Harvey said, “Then, I’ll have you charged with a gross misdemeanor and you can go to juvey for the night. Would you like that punk?” 
Property Damage – February 2004
When Harvey pulled into a parking space that another shopper intended to use, the driver flipped him off. Harvey then followed the driver on foot to the space where she parked, jumped on the hood of her car, and then scratched the side of her car with his keys. When Harvey was told by a security officer that the police were coming, he refused to remain until they arrived. When interviewed by police, Harvey said the other driver had struck his leg with her car while he was selecting a shopping cart. A security videotape proved that Harvey entered the store without a cart. His leg was not injured. In Nov. 2004, he was convicted of criminal damage to property. 
Harvey’s financial punishment
From June 2003 through Dec. 2004, Harvey suffered the indignity of being placed on paid leave. This 18-month vacation cost Minnesota taxpayers $172,000, which does not include the cost of paying for retired judges to cover Harvey’s docket. How would you like to receive just half of the financial punishment meted out to Harvey? Think you could handle it? I though you could!
As a consequence of his misconduct, the Minnesota Surpeme Court ordered that Harvey be removed from his judicial office.
The real punishment for Harvey came about as a result of his specious mental illness claim. Harvey laughingly claimed that his mental illness prevented him from performing his judicial duties. Clearly Harvey missed his calling as a standup comedian, right?

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