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Ex. Judge Richard K. McCarthy of Pittsburgh, habitual drunk, pervert

For several years, Richard K. McCarthy sat as a District Justice for the Magisterial Court in Allegheny County.
It was pretty clear from the time Dick ascended to the bench that he was a habitual drunk and total loser.
After proving his bona fides as Pittsburgh’s most accomplished lush, the Judicial Commission lodged a misconduct complaint against Dick. Some of Dick’s escapades as a celebrated lush are as follows:
Dick engaged in a course of conduct whereby he frequented local bars, namely the Grant Bar or Skelly’s Place, during and after court business hours to consume alcohol.
Dick’s favorite drink was a “Perfect Manhattan,” which is made up of 3-4 ounces of whiskey and a ½ ounce of sweet and dry vermouth. Dick screwed the taxpayers by boozing it up on court time. Here are a few examples:
  1. Maxine Hobson, at Dick’s invitation, met with him at Grant’s Bar between 2:00 – 3:30. While there, Dick drank 3-4 Manhattans. Sometime between 4:00 and 6:00, while still at Grant’s Bar, Dick made unsolicited, physical contact with Ms. Hobson. Cool!
  2. Robert Johns, Dick’s former father-in-law, entered Grant’s Bar at 2:00. Dick arrived at 2:15, sat at the bar and offered to buy Johns a drink. After consuming 1-3 Manhattans, Dick got into an argument with Mr. Johns. During the argument, Dick called Mr. Johns’ daughter a “whore.” That’d be Dick’s ex-wife.
  3. At about noon, Dick and a female left the courthouse and went to Skelly’s place; had 3 drinks and returned to the court with the female at 1:15. He then left the courthouse at 1:35 and returned to Skelly’s and consumed 7 more drinks.
  4. At about 3:30 Dick entered Grant’s Bar and began to booze it up. At 6:00, Dick’s girlfriend arrived and began drinking. Dick then left the bar for about an hour and upon returning ordered more booze; however, the bartender refused because he was drunk. Dick became angry and said, “Wait until you need something.”
  5. At 11:30 Dick left the court; went to Skelly’s and had 3 drinks. At 1:15 he went back to the court, but before leaving he told the bartender to leave his drink on the bar because he would be back to finish it.
  6. At Noon, Dick and his secretary left the court and went to Skelly’s. Dick drank 3 Manhattans between 12:15 and 1:40.
After one drunken bout at the Happy Day Lounge, Dick side-swiped another can and then left the scene of the accident.
Judicial Commission Findings
The Commission stated that the evidence proved that Dick repeatedly drank to the point of extreme intoxication in bars close to the court, often during normal working hours when taxpayers reasonably expected he would be working. 
Dick was aggressive, confrontational, and abusive, resulting, in a fistfight on one occasion. Local cops were called on more than one occasion requiring them to make decisions on whether to charge a judge before whom they regularly appeared. And of course they didn’t because Dick was held to a lower standard of conduct!
As a consequence of his egregious misconduct, the enablers sitting on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court punished Dick by gifting him with a four-month suspension
Unlike Rhode Island, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court finds it acceptable for Judicial Misfits like Dick to retain wages for services they never performed on behalf of the taxpayers.
To better understand how Rhode Island deals with Judicial Misfits pocketing taxpayer money for doing nothing, I would invite you to review the article at the URL listed below.
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