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Trump’s 66th post-election lie: Jimmy Kimmel opens my car door


To prevent anyone from surpassing him as America’s Premier Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to spew forth his usual dose of hyperbolic (BS) lies regarding his feud with Late Night Talk TV Show Host Jimmy Kimmel.


During a rally in South Carolina attended by his low I.Q. followers and fellow bigots, The Great Leader made the following patently false statements about his appearance on the late show.

  • “He [Kimmel] would stand outside of the sidewalk waiting for me.”
  • “Oh here he comes, Donald Trump.”
  • “He opens my door.”

The Great Leader went on with his lie by stating that he asked Kimmel’s people if he did that for everyone [waiting and opening car door], and they responded by saying he doesn’t do it for anyone.


So, here we have The Great Leader fabricating a falsehood for no other purpose than to make himself feel good. Put simply, this Lying Idiot doesn’t give a damn if what he says is patently false as long as it massages his ego and along the way tosses a little red meat to his intellectually infirm followers.


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