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Ex. Judge Steven Ellis of Toronto; convict, blackmailer, Dufus

Steven Ellis was a former immigration judge in Toronto. Prior to that he was a Toronot City councillor.
In October 2006, Canadian police filed criminal charges against Steven for breach of trust, knowingly authoring a false document, and agreeing to accept a bribe in regards to a refugee application. As is the case with most Judicial Misfits, Steven was suspended with pay.
It took 3 ½ years before Steven was tried and gound guilty in April 2010. Do you think anyone other than a Judge in Canada would be allowed to wait this long before facing the music in court?
The blackmail (extortion/bribery) charge against Steven involved Ms. Kim, a Korean refugee who was seeking asylum in Canada.
Steven’s downfall began when Ms. Kim and her boyfriend (now her husband) audio and video taped him meeting with her at a Starbucks and trying to coerce her into being his “friend” in return for granting her asylum in Canada.
Stevie told Ms. Kim he wans’t in love with his wife, was about to dump his girlfriend and was looking for a new one. What a guy! A triple threat, right?
The audio tape caught Stevie saying, “You’ve got a boyfriend and I’ve got a wife. If we do things on the side, that’s okay (according to who? – Newt Gingrich). I’m not going to ask you to move in with me or anything like that.”
Subsequently, Ms. Kim and her boyfriend took the tape to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
In Apriul 2010, Steven was found guilty of breach of trust and bribery and in July was sentenced to 18-months in prison. Unfortunately, he’s out on $100,000 bond pending a ruling on his appeal.
Hopefully when he’s finally imprisoned he’ll be assigned to Cell No. 214 at Kingston Peniteniary, which would mean Stevie’s roomate would be Clarice (real name is Clarence).

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