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Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter; thief, adulterer, liar extraordinaire


Over the course of several months, I reviewed hundreds of copies of public records I obtained from the Erie County Auditor’s office. Those records clearly establish that Kevin Baxter was guilty of:
1.     Operating a Ferry boat business (The Island Express) on Lake Erie out of the Prosecutor’s Office
2.     Used County assets and equipment to operate Ferry boat business
3.     Engaged in illegal scheme to obtain a government grant to operate Ferry boat business by lying about his ownership of it
4.     Failed to pay hundreds of thousands in taxes involving the Ferry Boat business
In addition, Kevin Baxter had the chutzpah to sue the Sandusky Register newspaper for defamation when it was well-known in the community that he was “defamation proof.”
Kevin Baxter was also involved in an illicit extra-marital affair with Krista Harris, which he of course denied. As to Krista Harris, there is evidence that he threatened her with criminal prosecution if she let told anyone about this illicit affair.
It was also alleged and appears to be well documented that Kevin Baxter was a frequent user of illegal substances, with cocaine being his drug of choice.
Kevin Baxter also engaged in a years-long quid-pro-quo scheme with other County Prosecutors in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) to basically fix cases involving his real and/or perceived enemies, which of course included anyone spilling the beans on his illicit behavior.
Documentary evidence also appears to prove that Kevin Baxter screwed his brother and/or other family members in regards to written codicils dispensing with his parents estate.
It really is quite disturbing to know that an ethically deprived individual such as Kevin Baxter has remained in a position empowering him to abuse his office to get even with anyone and everyone that had the audacity to expose his egregious misconduct. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!



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