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Attorney T. Christian Burridge of Salt Lake City; greedy, ethical leprechaun

T. Christian Burridge received his license to practice law from the Utah Supreme Court in 2003 after graduating from Brigham Young University.
Burridge is a founding member and managing partner and co-owner of a law firm (aka, ambulance chasers) that goes by the name of Burridge & Ferguson.
In 2011 the Ethics Commission found Burridge guilty of attempting to rip-off a client.
In a client’s case, associates with Burridge's firm “waived attorney fees.” Because of the waivers, Ned could not demand or accept fees from the client.
Eventually another member of Ned’s firm received an arbitration award for the client that was higher than the firm had anticipated.
Not satisfied with the fees awarded to his firm, Greedy Burridge demanded and accepted fees which were unreasonable (cheating) under the fee waiver. To facilitate his screwing of his client, Ned failed to obtain the client’s consent in writing.
Greedy Burridge also failed to promptly deliver and distribute “undisputed funds” to his client prior to beginning settlement negotiations on the fee dispute. This deplorable conduct created an unfair and coercive atmosphere in which the client felt compelled to agree to Ned’s sham settlement proposal.
Aggravating factors found by the Commission were Ned’s selfish motive (unjust enrichment), his refusal to acknowledge his misconduct (up yours so to speak), the vulnerability of the client victim, and his failure to rectify the consequences of his misconduct.
As a consequence of his egregious misconduct, the enablers for Attorney Misfits sitting on the Utah Supreme Court punished Burridge by gifting him with a reprimand.
As we speak (ca. Jan 2012) Burridge continues to operate his ambulance chasing outfit at 1080 S. River Front Parkway in South Jordan, Utah., 
If you’re thinking about hiring Burridge or his firm, I would suggest that you get fitted for an inversed chastity belt before visiting his office. Better safe than sorry, right?

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