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Ex. Judge Hisham Hasab Allah of Cairo, Egypt; convict, corrupt

After being convicted in 2005 on multiple charges of accepting bribes, Hisham was sentenced to 25 years, had to pay a fine of 100,000 Egyptian pounds ($17,240), and an expensive villa he owned was confiscated. Jewels he owned were also seized, and he was ejected from the bench.
Attorney General Mahir Abd al-Wahid has put many government officials accused of corruption behind bars, sending a strong signal in a country where the powerful often defraud the state and evade prosecution by hiding behind their positions. Sound familiar? 
Judicial bribery in the USA
Now, let’s compare Hashim’s punishment with that meted out to ex-Brooklyn, NY Judge Victor Barron. Victor was found guilty of soliciting a $150,000 bribe in exchange for approving a $5 million personal injury settlement. Victor was sentenced to 3-9 years; however, he only served 2 years. Unbelievably, from the time he was charged, convicted and jailed, Victor has and will continue to receive a $93,000 a year pension for the rest of his life.
25 years and confiscation of all personal property in Egypt for judicial bribery; however, in the so-called citadel of citizen responsibility, Victor serves a mere 2 years. Only proves that if you’re a judge in Egypt and you’re thinking about taking a bribe, move to the good ol’ US of A or even better move to New York.
Who was the dummy that said “crime doesn’t pay?” It damn sure wasn’t Judge Victor Barron!

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