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Judge Willie Singletary of Philly; pervert, Brett Favre Wannabee, repeater

Unfortunately for the good folks of Philadelphia, Willie Singletary sat as a Traffic Court Judge until he was recently told to take a hike.
Sometime around December 20, Judge Willie “The Perv” Singletary decided to display a photo of his penis t o a female information-technology worker. After the lady filed a sexual-harassment complaint, the Perv allegedly confronted her in an attempt to get her to withdraw the complaint.
As a result of his perverted conduct, Judge Gary Glazer relieved the Perv of his judicial duties and ordered deputy sheriffs to escort him out of the courthouse. Judge Glazer also recommended that the Perv be suspended by Supreme Court.
This wasn’t Willie the Perv’s first bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree. While campaigning for Traffic Court in 2007, Willie was caught on videotape promising favorable treatment in Traffic Court to those who donated to his campaign. Put simply, Willie was “Pimping for Bribes.”
Over a period of 11 years, Willie racked up 55 traffic violations with fines of more than $11,000. After the 2007 primary election, a warrant was out for his arrest until he paid the $11,000 in fines.
What in the hell were the folks in Philadelphia drinking when they elected this serial scofflaw? More importantly, what were the Democratic bosses in Philly snorting when they allowed Willie to run for Judge of the Philadelphia Traffic Court?
Hopefully, the justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will display the courage and fortitude to permanently remove Willie the Perv from the bench.

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