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Ex-Judge Ian Dodd of Sydney, Australia; moron, certified loser

Ex-Judge Ian Dodd (aka, Noddin Dodd) sat as a criminal court judge in Sydney up until the late 2000s.
Judge Dodd was a laughable buffoon due to the fact that he consistently fell asleep during court proceedings.
As a result of his nodding off on the bench, misconduct charges were filed against with the Judicial Commission, some of which are as follows:
  1. Charged with ignoring evidence while sleeping for periods of 15 minutes or more during a rape trial
  2. During 17-day drug trafficking hearing, Dodd’s snoring disrupted cross-examination of witnesses and the jury was visibly distracted
The enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission dismissed the ethics complaint by ruling that Judge Dodd suffered from severe sleep apnea during the trial/hearing.
Shortly after the media reported on Judge Dodd’s claimed sleeping disorder that caused him to doze off and snore on the bench, Ian’s driver’s license was suspended. The New Wales Road & Traffic Commission informed Dodd that because he had sleep apnea, he would no longer be able to drive until he could provide evidence that he had been cured.
Here we have a judicial buffoon that was judged by the State as unfit to operate a motor vehicle, but deemed by the clowns sitting on the Judicial Commission to be fit to sit on the bench and judge others. What an unmitigated joke!
I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since here in the U.S. of A. we have judges convicted of multiple DUI’s and/or wife beating that remain sitting on the bench deciding the same kind of cases.

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