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Attorney Gilbert Abramson of Saratoga County, NY; pervert, Il Duce Wannabee

From 2000 through late 2010, Gilbert Abramson sat as a Judge of the family Court in Saratoga County, New York. He previously served as chief counsel to the New York State Senate Committee on Children and Families and as a deputy county attorney (aka, gopher) for Saratoga County dealing with Family Court matters.
In July 2008, the New York Judicial Commission charged Judge Abramson with several counts of misconduct and in October 2010 found him guilty. Abramson’s misconduct is set forth below.
Violations of Defendants due process Rights
  1. Repeatedly violated the due process rights of defendants appear before him
  2. Refused to allow defendants to be heard
  3. Made offensive remarks of a sexual nature to and about a litigant
In a glaring case of denying defendant Henry Allen his due process right to an attorney even though he asked for an adjournment to employ one, Il Duce said “No, you’ve already been sentenced.” As a result of Il Duce’s illegal conduct, Allen spent 270 days in jail in the absence of an attorney or without a hearing being conducted.
Il Duce did the same thing to Anthony Brown, among others, which resulted in him being illegally jailed for 177 days
Subsequently, Il Duce admitted that Mr. Allen and Mr. Brown had the right to an attorney and the right to an adjournment to consult with an attorney prior to sentencing. A little late Dummy! Let’s give a Bronx cheer to Il Duce!
To be excruciatingly faire to Il Duce as is my wont; maybe he was under the impression that “due process” was the means by which the grass gets moist in the AM.
Gilbert the Perv’s Comments
In 2008, a woman appeared for a hearing in Il Duce’s court wearing a T-shirt with an innocuous caricature of a smiling turtle; beneath the caricature was the caption “cranky but adorable so I’m worth it.” Il Duce then made the following statements on the record:
Il Duce: “It’s a shirt with a penis on it. I don’t understand. It’s a turtle, right?”
Wendy: “Yep.”
Il Duce: “did you ever see a sad turtle? That’s a turtle on Viagra. It’s erect, it’s smiling. And you never see a sad Mrs. Turtle, because they’re fully satisfied. It feels good. You can’t look at your shirt without feeling aroused.”
The Commission explicitly stated in its ruling: “It should be underscored that the image on the shirt was benign and non-sexual,” further proof that Gilbert is a certified Pervert.
In late 2010, the Judicial Commission ordered that Il Duce be removed from the bench. However, the Attorney Disciplinary Board took no action against the Perv, thereby allowing him to engage in the practice of law.
This certified loser practices law 35 West High Street in Ballston Spa, New York.

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