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Attorney Randall Fritzler of Vancouver; pervert, repeat offender

From the early nineties though 2004, Randall Fritzler sat as a Judge on the Clark County Court in Vancouver, Washington.
Prior to his resignation from the bench in 2004, Judge Randall Fritzler was previously disciplined as a Judicial Misfit in 1996.
1st Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In Aug. 1996, Judge Fritzler was gifted with a “complimentary” censure from the enablers/apologists at the Washington Judicial Commission for engaging in a sexual relationship with a court employee.
While he was engaged in this sexual tryst, Judge Randall Fritzler found it ethical to preside over matters in which the 

employee’s spouse was the attorney of record.
In the censure agreement, Judge Fritzler agreed to attend an Ethics for Judges Class held at the Huey Long School of Ethics located at Louisiana State Univ. in Baton Rouge.
2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In Sept. 2002, another complaint was filed against Judge Fritzler for treating court employees unfairly based on him having

 yet another sexual tryst with a court employee.
During this relationship, Randy secretly stayed with the women in locates and hotels outside of Washington while have intimate relations with her.
This relationship specifically violated the terms of the Judicial Commission’s order in 1996 wherein Randy promised that he would not so act in the future. To be fair to Randy, he had his legs crossed at the time.
The Judicial Commission had the chutzpah to say that, Judge Randall Fritzler’s egregious misconduct was commonly discussed among attorneys, court staff, and has led to the loss of respect for the court. Give me a break! What respect are these clowns speaking of?
Each and every judge that remained silent (Judicial Omerta) about Randy’s conduct by not reporting it to the proper authorities should also have been subject to discipline.
Randall Fritzler now practices law in Vancouver, Washington. If you’re a lady living in the Vancouver area, I’d avoid Randy like the plague.

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