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Attorney Cynthia Holloway of Tampa; pervert, moron


In the past, Cynthia Holloway was, unfortunately a sitting judge in Tampa, Florida.
In 2002, the Florida Judicial Commission filed charges against Judge Cynthia Holloway for engaging in egregious misconduct (is there another kind?).
According to the Judicial Commission, on one occasion, Judge Cynthia Holloway stormed into a fellow female judge’s chambers and asserted that the father’ of a lawyer practicing in the court possessed sexually explicit photographs of the judge engaging in illicit conduct with a dog.
Subsequently, Judge Cynthia Holloway apologized for the allegedly erroneous comment and said she was wrong. An unreliable source indicated that Judge Cynthia Holloway meant to say it was a “sheep” and not a dog. Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers, that’s good enough for me; how about you?
Miscellaneous misconduct involving Judge Cynthia Holloway
Cynthia was also found guilty of becoming embroiled in a nasty custody dispute between a close friend of hers and her estranged husband. Cynthia’s friend accused the father of sexual misconduct with their minor daughter. 
After a hearing in another case, the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) concluded that Judge Cynthia Holloway called a Tampa detective to influence a sexual misconduct investigation in another matter.
Judge Cynthia Holloway and Tree cutting charges
Judge Cynthia Holloway was also charged with abusing her power as a judge to help a friend stop tree trimmers from cutting oak trees near the friend’s law firm in Hyde Park.
The property manager testified that Judge Cynthia Holloway appeared on a Saturday in June 1999 after her friend, attorney Jeanne Tate called her. He said that Judge Holloway demanded that the tree cutters stop. Judge Holloway then threatened to have the manager arrested if they continued to cut the trees. Of course this was in keeping with the altruistic conduct of Il Duce (aka, Benito Mussolini).
The enablers at the Judicial Commission along with their counterparts at the Florida Supreme Court concluded that they would punish Judge Cynthia Holloway by presenting her with a complimentary 30-day suspension.
Of course no action was ever taken against Cynthia Holloway’s law license. Therefore, after she resigned from the bench in 2003 she has continued to practice law in the Tampa area.
If ya live in the greater Tampa area I would advise that you steer clear of Cynthia Holloway if you’re in the need for an attorney.

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