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Attorney Robert Koch of Tempe, AZ; pervert, serial criminal

In the past, Robert Koch was a judge sitting on the Tempe City Court.
While sitting on the bench, the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct found Judge Koch guilty of (a) assaulting his ex-girlfriend on two occasions, (b) assault and battery on Gary Nielsen, (c) assault and battery on Ray Brinkman, and (d) solicitation of a prostitute, the details of which are set forth below.
Assault of Bobby’s ex-girlfriend Wendy Doan
During an incident of domestic violence, Bobby picked up Wendy and threw her against a wall, which resulted in her calling the police. Bobby’s punishment was too placed on paid leave for one week. Because Judicial Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct, Bobby the Basher was never criminally charged.
Assault of Ray Brinkman
As a result of the ass-whooping Bobby delivered to Ms. Doan, they no longer were living together. Subsequently, Bobby decided to visit Ms. Doan’s apartment. Although she wasn’t there, her friend, Ray Brinkman was. Bobby then went about verbally abusing Brinkman, pushed him, and threatened to kill him. Again, Bobby wasn’t criminally charged for assault or for threatening to kill Brinkman.
Bobby’s 2nd Assault of Ms. Brinkman
On the same night that Bobby assaulted and threatened to kill Mr. Brinkman, he found Ms. Doan outside of his own condominium. He then pushed her with enough force to injure her. As expected because of his exalted status as a Judicial Misfit, no criminal charges were filed.
Ol’ Bobby soliciting a prostitute
At about 10:30 in the evening, Bobby drove up to the corner of 25th Street and Van Buren in Phoenix. He
Approached a woman on the corner and motioned her to his truck by titling his head (not that head) from side to side.
They exchanged greetings, and the woman asked Bobby what he was looking for. He replied “How about some head?” The woman asked how much he had to spend, and he replied he had $20. Bobby apparently is afflicted with “Swaggart-ism,” which is an incurable disease that causes a degenerate John to not pay anymore than $10 or $20 for the services of a hooker.
The woman ended up being an undercover Phoenix police officer participating in a “customer appreciation program,” I’m sorry “customer apprehension program.” She recorded the conversation and Bobby was duly arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution. This time he was convicted in the Phoenix Municipal Court the day after oral argument in his disciplinary case.
Bobby’s assault of Gary Nielsen
In this case, Bobby entered Ms. Doan’s apartment again. Gary Nielsen, Ms. Doan’s boyfriend, told him he was not welcome. Bobby stayed in the apartment, yelled obscenities, pushed Nielsen backwards, and threatened his life. As is customary in cases involving certified Judicial Misfits, Bobby wasn’t criminally charged.
Bobby’s hyperbolic (BS) defense to soliciting a prostitute
In a lame attempt at levity, Bobby claimed that he had stopped at the corner of 25th Street and Van Buren in Phoenix merely to test his brakes. This asinine and juvenile statement doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Obviously, Bobby missed his calling as a standup comedian.
According to Arizona State Bar records, Bobby has never been disciplined for the conduct above and/or any other deviant behavior.
As we speak, this certified loser, serial criminal and pervert is practicing law at 140 E. Fifth Street in Tempe, Arizona. Was it Ol’ Bobby that was heard saying, “Isn’t Arizona a great country?”

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