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Attorney Anthony LoRusso of Buffalo; loathsome pervert, misogynist


From 1975 through 1993 Anthony LoRusso was a city and then family judge in Buffalo, NY.
In 1991, then Judge Anthony LoRusso was charged with a multitude of egregious misconduct, some of which is set forth below.
The Perv’s 1st Victim – Ms. A
In Jan. 1976, Ms. A [name not disclosed] was 19 years old and had recently graduated from steno school. On her third assignment for court reporting service, she was sent to Judge LoRusso’s courtroom on a temporary basis. Thereafter, Judge LoRusso engaged in the following disgusting perverted conduct, all of which took place when he directed Ms. A into his chambers.
Incident No. 1 – When overhearing her complain to other court employees that she felt bloated from overeating during the holidays and after the other employees left, The Perv called her into chambers and told her he could check to see whether she was “retaining water.” He directed her into his private bathroom in chambers, told her to remove her pantyhose; lifted her skirt above her knees, pressed his fingers on her thighs, rubbed her legs and told her to get dressed.
Incident No. 2 – A few weeks later, The Perv suggested that he recheck the “problem.” (water retention) He then directed her to the bathroom to remove her pantyhose. He then touched her thigh, pulled down her under-wear and touched her vagina. Ms. A testified that she had never been touched there before (aka, virgin).
Incident No. 3 – The Perv called Ms. A into his chambers. She found him in the bathroom with his penis exposed. The Perv then placed her hand on his penis and said that he would “teach” her.
Incident No. 4 – Several weeks later, The Perv called Ms. A into his chambers, told her to take off her pantyhose and sit on a couch. He removed her underwear, rubbed her vagina and performed oral sex.
Incident No. 5 – Later The Perv again called Ms. A into his chambers, took her hand and placed it on his clothed crotch. He then exposed his penis and pushed her head down toward it and had her perform oral sex.
Incident No. 6 – Calls her into chambers and told her to sit on his desk. He then removes her underclothes and performs oral sex and then tells her to lie back on his desk and engaged in sexual intercourse with her.
Incident No. 7 – Calls her into chambers, removes her clothes and administers an enema on her while rubbing her side and leg while he did so.
Incident No. 8 – Orders her into his bathroom and removes her underclothes. He then engages in anal intercourse with her. When she complained he was hurting her, he stopped. [What a guy!]
Ms. A’s testimony to the Judicial Commission
She referred to The Perv as “Judge” she said. “I did whatever he told me to do.” On several occasions she cried after leaving The Perv’s chambers. After each perverted incident, she hoped it would end.
Asked at the hearing whether she though she would lose her job if she didn’t comply, she replied, “I didn’t know what he could do. I didn’t know if he could arrange for me to lose my job. I did not know.”
The Perv’s 2nd Victim – Ms. B – Buffalo City Court Assistant
In April 1984, Ms. B attended a party of the Buffalo Police Department at the Peace Bridge Convention Center.
While Ms. B was talking with a group of people, The Perv touched her buttocks. She turned around and said, “Don’t do that.” The Perv didn’t respond. Why didn’t one of the Buffalo Police arrest the bastard for sexual assault? Because Judicial Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then we are, that’s why!
The Perv’s 3rd Victim – Ms. C – Buffalo City Court Clerk
During a morning court session in Feb. 1989, Ms. C entered The Perv’s courtroom with some files. At the time she was wearing leather slacks and a bulky sweater.
As she turned to leave the courtroom, The Perv said, “Do you know what you do to men on the bus at night when you go home dressed that way? I bet that you’re the reason Jamie Brame [charged with rape] did what he did.”
The Perv’s 4th Victim – Ms. D – Buffalo City Court Assistant
  • The Perv would often put his face in her hair and whisper “Very good job dear. See you tomorrow.”
  • When she told co-workers she was experiencing back pain, The Perv told her he knew about pack pain, told her turn around and placed his hands on her buttocks, using a description of an X-ray procedure as a pretext. She moved away from him.
  • While they were riding in an elevator, The Perv touched her buttocks.
  • After telling her he had eaten some cookies she brought for a luncheon in honor of a court employee, The Perv whispered in her ear in a sensual tone, “I had an orgasm eating your cookies.” He went on to describe her as “hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.”
  • The Perv said in a sensual tone, “Is that your smell? No, I know you smell.”
  • While she was seated in Ms. A’s office, The Perv emerged from chambers and whispered in her ear that he had been discussing with lawyers “delicious and delectable blow jobs.” He was breathing heavily and kissed the top of her head.  He later made the same disgusting comments to her.
  • The Perv asked her about the procedures for a CAT scan of her sinuses. When she described lying face down, The Perv asked, “Did your boobs hurt?”
  • During a courtroom break, The Perv placed some envelopes near her. While stroking the seal of an envelope with his fingers, he asked her to lick the envelopes for him. He said, “I heard you’re really good at this. Let me see your tongue.” Several litigants and attorneys were present in the room at the time.
How is it even possible that The Perv was never criminally charged for his perverted conduct? Even more disturbing is the fact that he was allowed to retain his law license. This is further evidence that Judicial Misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct then we are.
As we speak (ca. May 2010) The Perv is practicing law in the Buffalo area.
And lastly, if The Perv had done this to one of my daughters, I’d done to him what my ol’ friend Stanley in Louisville was wont to say, “I’d beat that som-bitch to a fare-the-well.”



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