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Attorney Robert Moilanen of Vancouver, WA; pervert, misogynist, sadist

In the past, Robert Moilanen was unfortunately a sitting judge in Vancouver, Washington. In the 1990s, Robert Moilanen was engaging in an assortment of misconduct while he was a judge.
Robert Moilanen is truly one of the most disgusting judicial perverts that I’ve come across. He is also an unabashed sadist who delighted in preying on the fears of his female staff. 
In addition, Robert Moilanen found it acceptable to rip-off the taxpayers via his illegal use of court staff to perform personal services for him.
And this wasn’t Bob’s first bite at the misconduct apple. There were previous complaints (in the plural) lodged against him; however, those sworn to rid the public of perverted misfits like Bob, decided to protect him rather than his future victims of which there were many as you’ll see below.
Washington’s Judicial Commission found Judge Robert Moilanen guilty of engaging in inappropriate conduct with court staff as follows:


Robert Moilanen’s Vulgar Comments to Female Staff
  • Get me a copy “slut”
  • Well, there’s Betty “bitch” and Cindy “slut”
  • It’s time for court “slut”
  • Grab the files “slut”
  • “Well if it isn’t slut and bitch”
  • “Get me a cup of coffee slut.”
Secretary’s Missing Dog
Ms. Lindberg was Judge Robert Moilanen’s secretary. When he saw her crying, he asked her “What the hell is wrong with you?” 
She told him her dog was missing and she could not find him anywhere. He then said to her: He’s probably dead on the road with his head bashed in and his guts all over the road.
During the rest of the day he would say to her, “Dog, dog, dog, dead dog, bow, wow, wow and arf arf arf.”

Spider on the Wall

When a clerk saw a spider on the wall, she told Judge Robert Moilanen that she was afraid of spiders. At that point he started “teasing” her about spiders and he then knocked the spider towards her. She screamed in fear and told him, “Mice, snakes, no, anything but spiders.”


Judge Robert Moilanen bent over with laughter (maybe he should have been bent over). He was laughing so hard he was red-faced and his eyes watered.

Miscellaneous Sexual Comments

Judge Robert Moilanen made the following disgusting comments to his female court staff:

  • He referred to two fellow judges as “big dick” and “bastard” (colloquially speaking, he could be right)

  • Called the Director of Corrections a “cunt.”

  • When two women came into court in shorts and halter-type tops, he told a female lawyer, “God, those nipples, I just love summertime.” He then said, “Attorneys don’t have nipples,” and that she should always wear a bra in his courtroom.

  • Told a lawyer she was “crabby;” needed to get “laid,” and had a friend she could go out with.

  • When his secretary said she was leaving, he said: “Fine, see you tomorrow, now go get fucked.”

“Flipping-off” Ms. Lindberg 

On several occasions Judge Robert Moilanen flipped-off Ms. Lindberg. After the fourth time she did it to him. (Good for her


Destroying Evidence

Judge Robert Moilanen directed court secretary Ms. O’Dell to destroy evidence on a court computer proving he illegally used it for personal purposes (aka, obstruction of justice).

Omnipotence “101”

When Judge Robert Moilanen learned that his secretary had been invited to a Rotary Club luncheon, he said: “You can’t go, you have to be a doctor or a lawyer or a judge or a somebody, you can’t be a nothing. You have to be a somebody! If they let you go, next they’d have to let a goddamnwaitress go.”


How is possible that this celebrated pervert was able to retain his law license? This only further proves that judges and lawyers are held to a lower standard of conduct than we are.


If you live anywhere in the Vancouver, Washington area, I would suggest that you steer clear of this pervert if you’re in the need for legal services.


This despicable individual should have been ordered to place a warning placard on his office door warning prospective victims of his past conduct. 


The mere fact that the Washington Supreme Court allows Bobby to continue to practice law speaks volumes for there total contempt for the citizens of Washington.




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