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Attorney Warren Sappington of Macon County, IL; pervert, sadist

In his prior life, attorney Warren Sappington was a sitting judge in Macon County, Illinois, which is located in the Decatur area. In the mid-nineties, Judge Warren Sappington was charged with a plethora of perverted conduct, some of which is discussed below.
  • In 1994, Judge Sappington hired Ms. Robinson as his secretary. In July 1996, he began to ask about her personal life, specifically her relationship with her husband. When she told him she was seeking a divorce, he urged her not to become sexually promiscuous and offered to buy her a vibrator so that she would not “mess around.”   Goshes and Gollies, what a guy!
  • In one instance, Sappington got angry because she was speaking to some attorneys. When she asked why, he said she was “a very beautiful woman” and that “they’re talking to you today … because of the fact that you wore a thin bra and that your nipples were showing.” She believed she was dressed appropriately; however, this incident brought her to tears, and she rushed home to change clothes.
  • In August 1996, Sappy called Ms. Robinson into his chambers and went into a tirade because he thought she was romantically involved with a local attorney. When she questioned his conduct, Sappy told her he could not stand the thought of her being with another man. 
  • In September 1996, Sappy told her he wanted to kiss her in front of the courthouse staff in response to rumors that he had a relationship with her. She expressed disgust at the remark and, knowing that Sappy claimed to be a religious man, suggested that he should seek forgiveness. Sappy laughed at her suggestion. 
  • On Sept. 9, 1996, while Ms. Robinson was placing files on Sappy’s desk he grabbed her by the face and told her “… if he ever found out she was schaking up with anybody, he would kill her.”   This is a criminal act!
  • On Sept. 18, 1996, Sappy told Ms. Robinson about a prior conversation he had with Judge David Davis. According to Ms. Robinson, “Judge Davis asked him (Sappy) if he wanted me to sit on his face … and Sappy said that he remarked, yes, he wanted me to sit on his face.” 
  • Also in 1996, Sappy closely monitored Ms. Robinson’s actions. He would note where her car was parked and whom she was parked next to. When she went to lunch with a coworker he would watch her from his office window.   On one occasion, when she spent the weekend at her mother’s farm, Sappy – a private pilot – flew over her mother’s house several times (aka, criminal stalking).
Sappington the Sadist (SS)
On Oct. 3, 1996, Sappington ordered Ms. Robinson and a state’s attorney into chambers. He then directed the attorney to recount the facts of a grisly murder in which a woman was shot, dismembered and decapitated. After the attorney left; Ms. Robinson (she was in tears) asked him why he did that to her. He said she was “beautiful and naive, and … would face a fate like the victim faced.” Ms. Robinson said she didn’t know “how to interpret” Sappington’s actions, but was very frightened by the incident. 
On Oct. 11, 1996, a local attorney whom Sappington accused Ms. Robinson of having an affair with came into court to reschedule a hearing date and while there spoke with her. Right after he left, Sappy became visibly upset and pounded his gavel so hard (no, no, the other gavel) on the bench that a piece of it flew off and hit a witness. Sappy stormed out of the courtroom and “started yelling at the attorney, telling him to get upstairs to his chambers.”  
For his egregious misconduct, the enablers on the Illinois Judicial Commission allowed Sappington to retire so that he could collect his undeserved pension for the balance of his miserable life at the expense of the overburdened taxpayers of Illinois. Isn’t Illinois a great country?
Attorney Warren Sappington’s current status
As we speak (ca. June 2010) Warren Sappington practices law in Mt. Zion, Illinois. Of course it goes without saying that this celebrated pervert should have been permanently disbarred. In not so acting, the Illinois Supreme Court has again reaffirmed that Judicial Misfits are held to a much, much lower standard of conduct then we are.

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