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Attorney James Shaw, Jr. of New York; pervert, misogynist

From 1968 through 2001 was a sitting judge in New York City. In early 1999 an ethics complaint was filed against then Judge James Shaw, Jr., which subsequently led to him being found guilty of the following perverted conduct involving his personal secretary Jacqueline Bland, who was 19 years old when she first went to work for The Perv.
Between 1985 and 1997, Judge Shaw engaged in the following offensive and harassing conduct aimed at Ms. Bland. 
  • Repeatedly made explicit comments to her about the manner in which her clothes fit various parts of her body
  • Repeatedly hugged Ms. Bland, rubbed her back and hand without her invitation or consent
  • Repeatedly ask Ms. Bland if she enjoyed having sex
  • Repeatedly told her that he lips were “wide,” “sexy,” and “voluptuous”
  • In Nov. 1985, in chambers, pulled her into his lap and kissed her on the mouth without her invitation or consent; Ms. Bland jumped and left the room
  • Repeatedly told her she had “big tits” and made comments about her nipples
  • In May 1996 told her that, because she had lost weight, “If you didn’t have large tits, then you would disappear
  • While looking at her wedding pictures and referring to her breasts, remarked that her husband “would never go hungry”
  • Told her that, “from the neck down,” she looked “voluptuous”
  • In Nov. 1997 told her that a woman’s sole purpose is to make a man feel good in the bedroom  
Early on while working for The Perv, Ms. Bland told him that she was young enough to be his granddaughter and asked how he would like it if someone touched his daughter or made her uncomfortable.
The Perv was 61 years old when he started sexually harassing Ms. Bland who was 19 at the time. The Perv continued his sexual harassment of her until he was 71 years of age. Kinda gives a new meaning to “Dirty Old Man,” right?
In Nov. 1997, Ms. Bland complained to the equal opportunity office of the Office of Court Administration about The Perv’s conduct and was transferred to another position shortly thereafter. Prior to filing the complaint, The Perv repeatedly threatened to fire her if she complained about his conduct. He made good on his threat in 1998, after Ms. Bland the complaint.
The enablers/apologists at the Office of Court Administration took no action against The Perv when Ms. Bland reported his egregious misconduct on November 24, 1997. In fact, it wasn’t until Feb. 1999 that charges were lodged against this louse.
The Perv’s punishment
In November 1999, the enablers/apologists (Is there another kind?)  on the Judicial Commission gifted The Perv with a complimentary censure.
In their report they had the chutzpah to say, “On or off the bench, a judge is held to high standards of conduct.” If this were true which it clearly isn’t, then why wasn’t The Perv criminally charged? Moreover, why wasn’t he permanently disbarred? 
We all know the answer, right? And that is because Judicial Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct than we are!

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