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Attorney Oliver M. Spurlock of Chicago; pervert, ethical leper-con


In his previous life, Ollie was a celebrated pervert sitting on the Cook County Circuit Court.

During Ollie “The Perv’s” tenure as a judge in Chicago he accused by four female prosecutors of angling for dates; finding excuses to touch them; stealing kisses, and generally acting as deviant pervert.
Ollie would consistently comment on the ladies bodies and clothing in suggestive ways; winking and kissing his fingers to show appreciation. (Cool!)
One of the ladies said she was “flabbergasted” to see him on the bench thumbing through a Victoria Secret’s catalog while presiding over the domestic violence court. An unreliable source indicated that pages 22-26 of the catalog could not be viewed for some unexplained reason.
Ollie’s so-called lawyer in defending these charges, had the chutzpah to suggest that he may have been the victim of entrapment, arguing that the state’s attorney purposely assigned four attractive prosecutors to the “divorced judge’s” (Ollie divorced? Geez, I wonder why!) courtroom in hopes of getting favorable rulings out of him. (Chicago Sun Times) Now I get it Ollie! Had the state’s attorney assigned Phyllis Diller and/or Moms Mabley look-alikes, then nothing would have happened, right Ollie Baby?
Ollie admitted to have sex in his chambers with his court reporter; however, he insisted it only happened twice and not three times as alleged. (Well, I feel a lot better know, don’t you?)
Ollie said his conduct would not have denigrated the bench (Praise the Lord, the truth will set you free!) if it wasn’t for the prosecutor’s “prurient interest” in making it public.
The Judicial Commission called Ollie “an embarrassment to the robe” (Bullshit!) and ordered him removed from the bench (ca. 2001), and said given his lies, the only question was whether he should be disbarred. As is the norm for the enablers and apologists on the Illinois Supreme Court, Ollie’s law license was never revoked.
For his outstanding civil service as a certified pervert, Ollie receives a $54,000 a year pension from the state for the balance of his miserable life.
In 2006 Ollie was charged with punching his ex-girlfriend in the face several times. In 2007, Ollie was arrested for assaulting his live-in boyfriend, I’m sorry I mean girlfriend, thereby cementing his exalted status as a practicing misogynist. I wonder how many times ol’ Ollie got off while sitting on the bench and listening to horror stories from victims of spousal abuse. What a joke!
Ollie now practices law in Chicago at 1327 W. Washington Street (http://tinyurl.com/rysnso). Unless you’re in need of an experienced and accomplished sexual pervert and/or misogynist, or ya need some help in giving your girlfriend or spouse a good ol’ whooping, I’d steer clear of ol’ Ollie.

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