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U.S. Judge Julie Robinson of Kansas: One of the Good Gals


The state of Kansas presented Julie A. Robinson with a law license in 1981 after she graduated from the University of Kansas Law School.


The State Commission on Judicial Conduct found Terry guilty of the following misconduct.


In one matter, Judge Robinson was assigned to preside over a case involving Kanas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) and the America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) regarding a Kansas law that required people to provide proof of citizenship when they registered to vote.


In 2016, Judge Robinson entered an order for a preliminary injunction that blocked Kobach’s show me your citizenship papers to register to vote. After Kobach thumbed his nose at Judge Robinson’s injunctive order, the ACLU filed a motion seeking to find him guilty of contempt of court.


Shortly thereafter, Judge Robinson issued an order finding Mr. Kobach guilty of contempt of court for his failure to send out postcards to the 18,000 citizens in Kansas advising them that their voting rights had been reinstated.


In her contempt order, Judge Robinson made the following statements about Mr. Kobach.

  • He made disingenuous [BS] arguments to the court
  • He has a history of “noncompliance” and “disrespect” for the court in this case
  • He asserted that Robinson’s orders was not lawful

This is the same Kobach that was previously fined by the court for making misleading [false] statements to the court in 2017.


Kobach the Lying Loser now has the audacity to ask the Kansas voters to elect him as their next Governor in November 2018. Hopefully, the voters will determine that it is in the state’s best interest to not elect a man who is a congenital liar who is willing to repeatedly violate his oath as an attorney and public official.


If Kobach loses the Governor’s race he doesn’t have to worry about future employment. He’ll likely be offered a job as a commentator for the Fox News Comedy Network. And if that doesn’t work out, he can always apply for a job as a greeter at the Walmart Supercenter Store on Parallel Parkway in Kansas City.


Kudos to Judge Robinson for displaying the courage to find Kobach guilty of contempt for thumbing his nose at the court’s authority to issue just and lawful orders.


As we speak (ca. April 2018), Judge Robinson continues to sit as a U.S. District Court Judge in Kansas City, Kansas.



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