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Attorney Jack Tuckner of New York; pervert, moron, ethical gremlin




Attorney Jack Tuckner of New York City is the quintessential hypocrite in addition to being a rather disgusting individual.
        Jack Tuckner has the chutzpah to promote himself and his firm, Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser as being advocates for women in need. On his website, Jack Tuckner laughingly asserts, “We share the view of feminist Katha Pollitt, who wrote in The Nation on May 13, 2002: “More equality and support, not lowered expectations, is what women need. … a world with fewer female surgeons, playwrights and professors strikes me as an inferior place to live.”
        In addition, Jack Tuckner’s law firm mockingly claims it is a “progressive New York City law firm dedicated to the empowerment of women in the workplace.” Jack Tuckner goes on to say, “We represent individuals experiencing all forms of workplace discrimination, specifically those affecting women, including sexual harassment…”
        Hiring Jack Tuckner or his firm to represent a woman in a sexual harassment claim is akin to seeking advice from Jeffrey Dahmer on the efficacy of going on a vegetarian diet.
JackTuckner’s predilection for bondage and sadomasochism
        In late May or June, Jack Tuckner was sued for sexual harassment by Lisa Brockington, a prior employee of the firm. In her sexual harassment lawsuit, Lisa claimed that Jackie engaged in the following conduct:
  • Jack Tuckner watched porn at his desk
  • Jack Tuckner discussed his “pierced genitalia”
  • Jack Tuckner wore a “bondage [slave] collar” at work (Cool!)
  • Jack Tuckner had a sadomasochistic relationship with Mia Metzger
  • Mia Metzger was Jack Tuckner’s designated slave master
  • Jack Tuckner consistently demeaned all of the women who worked for him
        Jack Tuckner surely gives all dedicated and ethical hypocrites a bad name if ya know what I mean. Here’s a certified pervert (my apologies to ethical perverts) spouting off as a protector of women’s rights who is nothing more than a demented and sick individual who finds it acceptable to use women as his play thing.
        Jack Tuckner then finds pleasure in acting out his perverted fantasies by having his girlfriend play the part of a dominatrix who obediently spanks; whips and/or dons and/or punishes him with the toys pictured below (bondage collar, handcuffs, whips, paddles and/or nipple clamps. What a guy! I suppose when someone tells Jack Tuckner that they’re gonna whoop his ass, he likely gets aroused.
        Luckily for me, an unreliable source proved me with pictures of some of the equipment that Jack Tuckner utilizes at his law office when he requires a little discipline from Mia Metzger. That equipment is pictured below.
        According to Ms. Brockington’s lawsuit, she said Jack Tuckner told her he was a piercing enthusiast who was “extremely into spanking” [Cool!] and kept a screen saver on his computer that shows him kneeling at the feet of his girlfriend, who was dressed in a black dominatrix outfit. She also said that Jack Tuckner called her “Aryan babe” and the ultimate shiksa [disparaging term for non-Jewish women] so highly coveted by inner-city Jews.”
        Brockington went on to say that Jack Tuckner told her that “he believed all women have fantasies about being raped.” Seems to me that if any woman had such thoughts and it involved Jack Tuckner it would likely be a “nightmare” given that Jack Tuckner isn’t about to be looked upon as a “lady’s man,” if ya know what I mean.
        After Jack Tuckner told Ms. Brockington about Mia “The Dominatrix” Metzger, she searched her name on Google and found a Web-site ad in which Mia wrote: “I am a Dominant Woman with a long-term male slave [Jackie]. I seek to add a female service oriented slave to our family,” and also a “man who is interested in partnering with me in a cuckold [married man whose wife has sex with other men] relationship.” Wheweee!
        Mia Metzger is presently employed as a “client liaison” at Jack Tuckner’s law firm.
Jack Tuckner touts Mia’s abilities on the firm’s website as: “Mia brings her expertise in Wholistic medicine to TSWS (Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser). As a nursing professional, her skills [spanking and bondage] translate seamlessly into an ability to assist potential clients towards healing the wounds created as a result of aggressive spankings, I’m sorry I mean discriminatory experiences. Her close association with Jack Tuckner [paddle to butt] and their similar views in which all inhabitants are given equal and fair spankings; I mean treatment creates a cohesive communication which ultimately serves clients.
        And lastly, unless you’re lookin for a real good ass-whooping, I would avoid seeking any legal services from Jack “The Perv” Tuckner and/or his firm. And if you are, I here tell that Jack Tuckner reduces his hourly rate to $300 an hour for any masochistic related services he and/or Mia provide on site.

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