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Attorney H. Lee Watson of Los Angeles; disgusting pervert


In late 1976, H. Lee Watson (aka, “The Perv”) was unfortunately gifted with a law license from the California Supreme Court.
On May 6, 2001, attorney H. Lee Watson was suspended from practicing law for three years, which was stayed, and placed on probation for four years.
H. Lee Watson admitted to multiple acts of moral turpitude (means he admitted he was a pervert) after he pleaded guilty in 1998 to two counts of committing a lewd act on a child.
Attorney H. Lee Watson was criminally convicted of fondling two female family members, ages 12 and 13. He was then sentenced to two years in the county jail, three years of probation, and a $2,000 fine.
Additionally, H. Lee Watson was ordered to seek sex-offender counseling and cover the costs of counseling for the girls and their immediate family. Watson was also ordered to have no contact with minor children other than supervised contact with his daughter.
As part of his probation in regards to his law license, H. Lee Watson was ordered to seek psychological help. This is akin to ordering the late Jeffrey Dahmer to seek intensive counseling as to the efficacy of becoming a vegetarian.
Apologists for Pedophiles
During the disciplinary process before the California Bar Court, many members of The Perv’s (attorney H. Lee Watson) community, including a bishop and a former employer stated that they continued to hold him in high esteem and expressed a willingness to continue associating with him.
Who were these losers? Who in the hell was this so-called bishop that vouched for attorney H. Lee Watson? Could it have been Archbishop Bernard Francis Law of Boston who presided over the Catholic Diocese in Boston when numerous priests were exposed as practicing pedophiles? May well have been since Cardinal Law didn’t resign as archbishop of Boston until Dec. 13, 2002 in response to the Roman Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. Remember, the Bishop that vouched for “The Perv” did so in 2001.
In addition, the so-called members of his (“The Perv’s) community must have been made up of convicted and/or practicing pedophiles, right? After all, who in their right mind would come forward to support an admitted child molester?
More importantly, is the fact that these apologists for “The Perv” were willing to tell the California Bar Court that wished to continue to associate with “The Perv.” How disgusting is this admission and what does it tell us about these buffoons?
Luckily, an unreliable source provided me with a photo of one of the young girls that was victimized by attorney H. Lee Watson "The Perv" which is picutred to the right.
California Bar Court Enablers and Apologists for Attorney Misfits
The certifiable enablers and apologists sitting on the California Bar Court in 2001 had the chutzpah to credit attorney H. Lee “The Perv” Watson (a) expressing remorse and (b) for paying restitution to the victims of his pedophilia. These certified losers proved beyond all doubt that they are more concerned about protecting the right of an attorney to “earn a dishonest living” than they are in protecting the public from someone of H. Lee Watson’s ilk. To the Bar Court: Ilk is not a male Elk.”
An unreliable source indicated that the enablers on the California Bar Court gave great weight and were overly impressed by the statements made by the following folks in support of attorney H. Lee Watson “The Perv” during a disciplinary hearing held in Burbank. The persons that spoke on behalf of attorney H. Lee Watson in Burbank in 2001 are:
  • Michael Jackson – commentary/editorializing unnecessary
  • Roman Polanski – admitted to sexual assault of 13-year old girl
  • Sen. Strom Thurman – sex with 15-year old black girl which produced a daughter for Ol’ Strom
  • Woody Allen – had sex with step-daughter then married her
  • Mark Foley – ex. Florida Congressman
Attorney H. Lee Watson’s “The Perv’s” Practice of Law
As we speak (ca. Dec. 2009), attorney H. Lee Wilson is practicing law at 10560 Mary Bell Avenue in Sunland, California, which is in the San Fernando Valley in the greater Los Angeles area.
If a convicted pedophile is permitted to retain his law license in California, then we’re all in trouble. Allowing “The Perv” to continue to practice law is further evidence that attorneys and/or judges are held to “a lower standard of conduct” than you and me.
The deplorable conduct of the members of the California Bar Court in allowing this celebrated and admitted pedophile to continue to practice law is only further evidence that attorneys and/or judges are without any doubt held to a much “lower standard of conduct” than we are.
At a minimum the Bar Court should have required that attorney Wilson post a warning sign on his law office door stating, “Beware – I’m a Convicted Pedophile.”




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