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U.S. Appellate Judge Edward Carnes of Atlanta; bigot, lifetime porker, Dufus

After graduating from law school in 1975, Edward Carnes has dedicated his entire life to porking out at the public trough. From 1975 to 1992, Judge Carnes was employed as an assistant state attorney general in Alabama.
After proving himself to be a reliable gopher, flunky and apple-polisher for Republican political hacks in Alabama for many, many years, Eddie was rewarded when President George H.W. Bush nominated him to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in 1992.
It is patently clear that the $184,500 salary Eddie receives as an appellate judge is the best paying job he’s ever had or ever dreamed of having. Obviously, no self-respecting law firm in Alabama was about to offer Eddie a good paying job. Can ya blame them?
It cannot be disputed that Edward Carnes was not the most qualified attorney or judge available within the 11th Circuit. Unfortunately, being a compliant lackey for the political hacks in power is normally all that is required to obtain a federal judgeship.
Judge Carnes sat on the appeal of a case wherein John Hithon, an employee of Tyson Foods filed suit for discrimination. The basic premise of the case was that the plant manager had a habit of calling black employees “boy.” Mr. Hithon prevailed when the jury awarded him $1 million.
Any reasonably intelligent and unbigoted person (someone with an I.Q. higher than the legal speed limit in a school zone) is well aware that calling a black person “boy” is equivalent to using the “N” word.
Judge Carnes was born in 1950 in Albertville, Alabama. Carnes subsequently attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the late 1960s. To my knowledge, neither Albertville nor Tuscaloosa has ever been charged with being overly friendly to black folks.
As could be expected, Good Ol’ Boy Eddie Carnes voted to reverse Mr. Hithon’s jury verdict. In fact, Eddie couldn’t find anything wrong with the plant supervisor calling Mr. Hithon “boy.”
This is exactly what ya get when Federal Judges are appointed for purely political and ideological reasons.
I suppose that in Eddie the Bigot’s view, it would be permissible and deemed non-discriminatory to call Mr. Hithon a “nigger” as long as the designated bigot was smiling at the time.

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