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Trump’s 54th post-election lie: Rep. Schiff probably did something illegal


To guarantee that he retains his standing as America’s Premier Congenital Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to shamelessly lie about Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).


The Great Leader’s fabricated statements relate to the release of a Democrat memo matter involved Schiff’s comments about a Democrat memo recently (ca. 2/23/18) released by the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee that thoroughly establishes that the Trump/Nunes memo was pure fantasy and a piece of garbage.


While appearing with fellow Standup Comedians, Inveterate Liar and Lunatic Jeanine Pirro on the Fox News Comedy Network, The Great Leader went about shamelessly and falsely attacking Rep. Adam Schiff, senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. The Great Leader then made the following statements to Pirro’s intellectually disabled followers.

  • “Certainly, the memo was a nothing.
  • “That’s a very bad document for their side.”

After making the above laughable statements, The Great Leader greased up his lips with a tube of Industrial Strength Chapstick that was provided at not cost by his No. 2 Trump Ass-Kisser (Sean Hannity No. 1), Rep. Devon Nunes before spewing forth the following hyperbolic (BS) statements.

  • “I really think someday he’s going to be greatly honored for his service ... he’s been very, very brave.”

The Great Leader went on to slander Rep. Schiff by calling him a liar, a likely law breaker and a “bad guy.” Apparently, The Great Leader was looking directly into the mirror in his bathroom when he made these asinine comments.


First and foremost, Devon is another Chicken Little Loser that never offered to serve his country even though he was age eligible to serve in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Just another reason why Devon and Donnie the Five-Time Draft Dodger are engaged in what appears to be a never-ending love affair.


If the country is lucky enough to get more brave men like The Great Leader and Devin Nunes, it won’t be long before Russia, North Korea and China are cowered into succumbing to any American demands no matter how absurd. 


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