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Trump orders Marines to perform Goose-stepping at his Military Parade

Several anonymous and unreliable sources have indicated that Donald “Trumporleone” Trump is in the process of issuing an Executive Order that will mandate that members of the Marine Corp that will be marching in The Great Leaders Initial Military Parade will be required to attend “goose-stepping” classes.


The mandatory “goose-stepping” instructional classes will be held at the Military Parade grounds located in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The Great Leader said that travel and training costs will be paid for by “Mexico.”


The lucky Marines selected to pay homage to The Great Leader will be personally selected by Sean Hannity from troops stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California and Camp LeJeune in North Carolina. 


The goose-stepping Marines will be required to perform their art for several minutes directly in front of the Trump Hotel located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Marines will also be required to respectfully salute and bow before The Great Leader as they goosestep in his honor.


In addition, The Great Leader has ordered that any reluctant Marines receive a firm kick-in-the-ass that will be administered alternately by former Super Heroes and Military Patriots, Sean Hannity and Rush "The Doper" Limbaugh. 


And lastly, all Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers at the event will be required to present themselves at The Great Leader’s Podium for the purpose of being called up individually to kiss his pinky ring.


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