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Trump’s 49th post-election lie: Sen. Hatch sez I’m better than Lincoln & Washington


During a recent (early February 2018) speech at a GOP get together at a swank West Virginia retreat, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to once again add to his League Leading Liars Average by falsely making claims about things Sen. Orrin Hatch said about him.


The Great Leader went on to tell the assembled Trump Toadies and Sycophants:

  • "And he actually once said I'm the greatest president in the history of our country and I said does that include Lincoln and Washington.”
  • “He said 'Yes.'”
  • “I said I love this guy. I love him."

A spokesman for Sen. Hatch said that he told The Great Leader that he “can be” the greatest president, but never said he already “is” the greatest president.


So here we have another example of The Great Leader lying his ass off to stroke his own over-inflated ego. The sad truth is that The Great Leader will undoubtedly go down as the absolute worst president in the history of the U.S. of A.


And lastly, if The Great Leader is the greatest president ever, then Kim Jong Un is the greatest Humanitarian to have ever been the leader of any country.


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