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Trump’s 38th post-election lie: CNN didn’t show Alabama rally crowd


In an ongoing effort to retain his title as America’s Heavyweight Champion Liar, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to lie that CNN failed to show (televise) the size of his penis, I’ sorry I mean the crowd at his recent (late Sept 2017) Alabama political rally.


Towards that end, The Don said:

  • "The worst. Fake news. They won't show this."
  • "They'll say, Donald Trump spoke before a small crowd in Alabama last night. It was a small crowd."
  • "Very unenthusiastic crowd."
  • "But they don't show the crowd."

As usual, The Don who is obviously suffering from a severe case of “Lieitis” decided to spew forth a falsehood that is irrelevant and easily provable to be a Monumental Falsehood (MF). Video evidence of CNN televising the crowd proves beyond all doubt that The Don is a Shameless Liar.


This falsehood is in keeping with his prior lie that more people attended and/or viewed his inauguration in the history, which was another lie proven to be false via photographic evidence.


And lastly, if The Don tuned in to CNN rather than watch reruns of “All in the Family” he would have seen images of his Alabama crowd.


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