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American Judicial Assn announces new Sexual Harassment Code for Judges


The American Judicial Association (AJA) acting in partnership with Judicial Disciplinary Commissions in all fifty (50) states proudly announced a new Code of Conduct for Judges. The new and improved rules are mandatory and repeated violations (10 or more in one week) could possibly result in discipline. The new and approved rules are as follows:
Sexual Harassment of Female Court Employees
The panel members determined that this universally accepted conduct cannot continue unless there are uniform standards of misconduct. Therefore, the new mandatory “Rules of Engagement” are as follows:
Rule 1: Allowable Enticements
  • The candy bribe
  • Cash payoffs
  • Threaten to fire the ingrate
Rule 2: Victim’s Suspicious Conduct
In an effort to assist sexual harassers from being exposed, the AJA developed some warning signs that should alert the judicial offender that the unappreciative victim is about to spill the beans such as, (1) she splits with the evidence, (b) she distributes nude photos of the offending judge throughout the courthouse, and (3) she keeps a contemporaneous diary of the offenders criminal conduct.
Rule 3: Sign that Judicial Abuser may be in Trouble
If a unappreciative victim of sexual harassment claims that she or he for that matter has attended Lorraine Bobbitt‘s self-defense seminar, this should cause a judicial abuser grave concern. Our advice is that you seriously consider cutting the relationship off before the whining victim does.
Hopefully, these new and improved rules of conduct will afford you the opportunity to continue to appropriately engage in sexual harassment of the help at the courthouse without the indignity of having to defend yourself against truthful, I’m sorry I mean false sexual harassment claims.
If you have any questions please visit our website at www.weabusethehelp.net.




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