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Fox’s Clayton Morris lies about rising Stock Market


During a recent (early August 2017) segment of the Fox & Friends Comedy Show hosted by the Fox News Comedy Network, co-hosts and resident comedians Pete Hegseth and Clayton Morris decided to lie about the rise of the stock market since Donald “Trumporleone” Trump ascended to the throne.


During the comedy skit, and after donning a pair of Hegseth and Morris engaged in the following



  • “Nobody would have thought six months ago the DOW would be at 22K, or potential 22K which it may reach today."


  • "Think about this, 22,000 - when [Trump] took office six months ago, 16,000 was sort of unheard of at that time."


These two Trump Toady Liars absolutely knew that six months ago when Obama left the Whitehouse on January 20 2017, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 19,827.50.


My trusty abacus tells me that 19,827 is a tad higher than 16,000. However, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool Lying Trump Toady who works for America’s Premier Comedy News Network, then this kind of provable lie is not only acceptable but expected from the higherups at Fox.


Hopefully, The Don and/or a trusted member of the Trumporleone Family reimbursed Pete and Clayton for the costs they incurred in purchasing two tubes of Industrial Strength Chapstick.



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