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Today’s Public Official Misfit is Indiana State Sen. Philip Hinkle


Phillip “Phyllis” Hinkle has represented House District 92 which covers western Pike and Wayne Townships in Marion County, which is basically in the Indianapolis area since he first duped the voters into electing him in 2000.

Phil is yet another family values, born again Christian hypocrite who relishes in attacking members of the gay community. In fact, he recently voted to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions in the Hoosier state.
In keeping with his high moral and religious mores as a practicing Catholic, Phil recently responded to an item posted on Craigslist by Kameryn Gibson that stated “looking for a Sugar Daddy.” In response, he agreed to pay $80 plus a tip and then picked up Gibson and drove him to the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Indianapolis. When they arrived, the Phil told Gibson he was a state lawmaker and then stripped, although they didn’t have sex. Phil then gave Gibson $100, his Blackberry and iPad to keep quiet after Gibson said he wanted to leave. (Alex Campbell, Indianapolis Star)
Phil doesn’t deny the email exchanges with Gibson; however he has the chutzpah to claim that Gibson was involved in a shakedown. This hyperbolic (BS) claims doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. Clearly, Phil missed his calling as a standup comedian.
In the future when the Phil’s looking for a little same-sex fun, he might wanna check out the men’s room at the Minneapolis airport when ex. Sen. Larry Craig’s doing his tap dance routine while they pipe in that old musical ditty “The Hokey-Pokey.”
 As is the case with other switch-hitting hypocrites like the Right Rev. Ted Haggard, Phil is married with children. Hopefully, Mrs. Winkle doesn’t subject herself to additional embarrassment by agreeing to become a Tammy Wynette Wannabee (Stand by your Man).
As we speak (ca. Aug 13, 2011) Phil has not yet announced that he will resign as a state rep. If he does, he shouldn’t be too concerned about future employment opportunities. I’m sure he’d qualify for employment as a janitor at the Unicorn Club on W. 13th Street in downtown Indianapolis. And if that doesn’t bear any fruit, I hear tell that the Wal Mart on 86th Street in Indy has one or more openings for a “greeter.”
If and when Phil returns to the Statehouse, I would recommend that they celebrate his return by playing that old ditty by Queen, “Another one bites the Dust.”



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