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Letter to Chief Justice Canady re: misconduct of Atty. Jose Baez at Anthony trial


Committee to Expose Dishonest/Incompetent
Judges, Attorneys & Public Officials
Dave Palmer
The Watchdawg
August 12, 2011
Hon. Charles T. Canady
Chief Justice
Florida Supreme Court
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1925
Re:      Misconduct of Attorney Jose Baez - Casey Anthony trial
Dear Chief Justice:
As you know, the Casey Anthony trial received massive media and public attention as did the highly questionable conduct of defense attorney Jose Baez. Clearly, it cannot be disputed that Ms. Anthony was entitled to a vigorous defense.
Rather than drone on about Baez’s egregious misconduct during the trial, I would invite you to review the complaint I recently filed with the Florida Bar, which can be found at the URL set forth at the end of this letter. Also see URL re: letter to Judge Perry.
Clearly the conduct of Mr. Baez was solely intended on enriching himself at the expense of the justice system. Put simply, Mr. Baez cheerfully turned the Anthony trial into a self-serving vehicle for self-promotion without any regard for the oath of office he took that mandated he assist the court in the fair administration of justice.
Unfortunately, Mr. Baez has single-handedly besmirched the reputation of the legal profession in Florida as a result of his B-performance acting job.
When I was a student at St. Francis de Sales high school in Toledo (ca. early 1960s) some of my fellow students were extremely proud to announce that their fathers were attorneys and rightfully so. Of course those of us whose fathers were truck drivers, plumbers or mail carriers were proud too, while at the same time envious.
I suspect Chief Justice Canady that if I returned to St. Francis today that the sons of attorneys would not go about readily admitting that their fathers or mothers were attorneys. This fact in and of itself is indeed a sad commentary on the state of the legal profession as we speak.
As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court you are to put it simply, the titular head of the Legal/Justice system in Florida. As such, I believe that you are in a unique position to take affirmative steps to assure that the Florida Bar embarks on an aggressive, no holds barred investigation of Mr. Baez’s deplorable conduct.
If Mr. Baez is allowed to escape punishment for his egregious misconduct during the Anthony trial, then future trials may as well be conducted as purely theatrical events with the winning performer being allowed to select his prize from Door No. 1 (not guilty verdict), No. 2 ($1 million medical malpractice award), or No. 3 ($5 million product liability award).  
With all due respect Chief Justice, the time has arrived for someone in the justice system to take steps to assure that an immediate cure is implemented to prevent further afflictions of Baez-ism. And I believe that someone is you!!!
The ethical attorneys licensed in Florida deserve far better than being judged as a result of the conduct of someone of Mr. Baez’s ilk. It is time to take remedial action aimed at returning the Bar to the position of respect and prominence of yesteryear!
I would respectfully request that you personally assure that the Florida Bar’s investigation of Mr. Baez is thorough and conducted in an expeditious manner. Lastly, the results of that investigation should be public and not kept secret. Patently, Chief Justice the time for secrecy has also run its course!
Thanks for your time and attention to this serious matter and I look forward to your prompt response.
Dave Palmer
The Watchdawg
Folsom, CA 95 6 30
Ethics Complaint v Casey Anthony Attorneys Jose Baez & James Mason
Letter to Orlando Judge Belvin Perry re: conduct of Atty. Jose Baez in Anthony trial

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