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Trump’s 31st post-election lie: passed more legislation than any president


This isn’t the first Award presented to The Don. For additional stories on Donnie post-election, see the articles listed at the end of this article.


During a recent (6/12/17) meeting with members of his cabinet, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to assure that he would continue to retain his League Leading Average of American Liars. Towards that end, The Don told the assembled Trump Toadies:


“Never has there been a president … with few exceptions … who’s passed more legislation, who’s done more things than I have.”


For one thing, this Serial Lying and Celebrated Dumbass has not yet singed any legislation into law. And the reason he hasn’t done so is because the Republican controlled congress has not passed any legislation of any kind since Don was sworn into office on January 20, 2017.


As to The Don’s claim that no prior president has done “more things than I have,” this is true if he is speaking about all of the illegal things he’s done such as demanding “loyalty” from the FBI Director or that the Director cease the ongoing criminal investigation of Mike Flynn.


Again, we have yet another fine example of The Don knowingly lying about a matter that is in truth insignificant. However, in The Don’s demented mind he must always be number one in everything even when his claims are demonstrably false.


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