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Eric Bolling of Fox News: Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner

Congratulations to….
Fox News’ Eric Bolling
Today’s Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner
Again we are blessed with Eric Bolling of Fox News attempting to cement his status as one of America’s premier comedians.
Recently Eric the Comic offered his unique comedic insight into educational reform legislation signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on July 14, 2011 that made California the first state to require school textbooks and history lessons to include contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans.
In his on-air hyperbolic (BS) response, Eric the Jokester claimed that California wanted to rewrite its textbooks to say that, “by the way, Rudolph Murdoch was a homosexual, I’m sorry I mean George Washington was a homosexual, or, you know, so and so was a lesbian.”
It would appear that Eric the Comic is yet another Fox employee that suiffers from a severe case of homophobia in addition to being a lousy comedian.
Left wing commie-pinkos employed by Media Matters, et al. had the audacity to question Eric’s bona fides by claiming he intentionally lied about on the air via his comments as aforementioned. What these God and America haters fail to appreciate is that Eric doesn’t claim to be a journalist. He rightfully claims to be an aspiring, albeit a lousy Comedian.
Congrats Eric; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as an aspiring comedian; you are far too humble.
The Dawg~
Folsom, California



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