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Judge David Berta of Lorain, OH; Il Duce Wannabee, pervert, ethical leper-con, moron


FYI: Il Duce is none other than Benito Mussolini, the late despotic dictator of Italy who was allied with Adolph Hitler during World War II. Please no emails from Benito’s surviving family members for the comparison.
After spending several years as a compliant lackey, gopher and bootlicker for the local Democrat political hacks in Lorain County, they showed their appreciation by giving Dave permission to seek election as Lorain’s only Domestic Relations judge. FYI: the same thing goes on with Republican Party hacks throughout the state.
Unfortunately, Dave succeeded in duping the voters in Lorain County into electing him to the bench in November 2006. During that election and in a lame attempt at levity, Dave gave the following laughable answers to the Lorain Journal:
Journal:   “What one bit of information do people not normally know about you?”
Dave:   “That I’m a loving and devoted family man. In all that I do I always look to see how my actions will affect my family and the community around me.”
Journal:   “What would you like to accomplish if elected?”
Dave:   “I would like to be known as a fair and just man who readily admits his faults and never celebrates with vanity his abilities?”
Clearly, Dave missed his calling as a standup comedian. Moreover, we can be fairly certain that Dave’s answers were not true since his lips were moving, right?
Dave charged with Sexual Harassment/Misconduct
In April 2011, Ms. Lucinda McConnell who worked as a magistrate judge for Dave walked off the job. Ms. McConnell accused Dave the Perv of making sexually inappropriate comments about her and of creating a hostile work environment. Of course the Perv vehemently denied the charges. However, it appears that his lips were moving while he denied the charges.
According to Ms. McConnell’s attorney Michael Moore (not that Michael Moore), one of the Perv’s comments to Ms. McConnell was that Lucinda “can’t have children, her uterus is dried up.”
An unreliable source indicated that in the past one of Dave’s paramours commented that he “can’t have children, his penis is too small and dried up.” Goshes and Gollies and Gee Whillickers Boyz and Girls, could that be the reason that Dave the Perv doesn’t have any offspring?
Dave’s Serial violations of Code of Judicial Conduct
From the complaints I’ve received from Dave’s victim pool, it seems clear that he is an arrogant no-nothing that treats his Oath of Office with total contempt. However, the contempt he holds for his oath of office pales in comparison to the contempt he holds for those who have to appear before his Court of Injustice.
Those complaints include Davey being involved in unlawful ex parte (one-sided) conversations, violating a parties visitation rights with his/her children and appointing incompetent and uncaring attorney-friends as Guardian Ad Litems. Then there are Dave’s serial violations of a litigant’s constitutional right to due process and notice.
Of course Il Duce doesn’t treat the help any better and that would include his ex-bailiff Mr. Maschari than he does members of his victim class. It seems pretty clear to me that Dave the Dufus (DD) clearly understands that he lacks the mental and legal acumen to justify his juridical position. However, since he’s a practicing narcissist he ain’t about to admit to his gross incompetence and lack of ethics, right?
 As we speak, Dave the Loser continues to sit on the court in Elyria while he receives an unearned annual salary from the taxpayers of $121,350 a year, which is not only about $85,000 more than he’s worth, but is also the best paying job he ever dreamed he would have.


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