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Trump’s 24th post-election Lie: China President said South Korea once part of China


During a recent (April 2017) visit by President Xi Jinping of China to Florida to meet with Donald “Trumporleone” Trump, The Don said:

  • President Jinping told me that “Korea actually used to be part of China.”

The first thing that tells us that The Don is lying is the fact that President Jinping never affirmed his lie. Secondly, it is a historical fact that South Korea was never a part of China.


It would be much more believable if The Don told us that President Jinping told him:

  • “Don, you’re a total Asshole.”
  • “Hey Donnie, you’re the biggest liar I’ve ever come across.”
  • “I heard that you have like really small hands.”

It is truly sad that we have a President of the U.S. of A. who enjoys embarrassing us by telling lie after lie about matters that are really insignificant.


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