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Judge Greg Griffin Sr. of Birmingham, AL; ethical leprechaun


The state of Arkansas presented Wendell Griffen with a law license in 1983 after he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Law School.


Former Gov. Robert Bentley was duped into appointing Greg to a set on the 1th Circuit Court in Birmingham in 2014.  Greg didn’t get the appointment because he was the most qualified lawyer in the greater Birmingham area. He got it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


In one matter, Judge Griffin presided over a case wherein Gov. Bentley asked the court to order a halt to the Alabama House Judiciary Committee’s hearing to impeach the Governor. (Kent Faulk)


Given the fact that Griffin was personally beholding to Gov. Bentley for his judicial position, he refused to recuse (remove) himself from the case. As one would expect, Griffin did the right thing as a compliant Bentley Lackey and Toady and issued an order prohibiting the Judiciary Committee from proceeding to hold hearings to impeach Bentley.


On the very next day, the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order voiding Griffin’s asinine and illegal order.


Griffin’s refusal to comply with his Oath of Office and the Judicial Code of Conduct by withdrawing from the case is contrary to the actions taken by Judge Roman Shaul who recused himself because he had appointed to the bench by Gov. Bentley.


In mid-April 2017, several state legislators filed an ethics complaint against Griffin with the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. The complaint makes the following allegations of misconduct.

  • Failed to disqualify himself in a case where his partiality was reasonably questioned
  • Ruled in a case which was far beyond the scope of his constitutional jurisdiction
  • Acted in an impartial manner
  • Reveals a flagrant disregard for the law
  • Compromised public confidence in the integrity of the judiciary

All that remains now is to what if any punishment is meted out to Griffen by the justices on the Alabama Supreme Court.


As we speak (ca. June 2017), Griffen continues to sit as a Circuit Court judge in Birmingham, Alabama. 


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