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Trump’s 20th post-election lie: Great win in Kansas congressional election


In mid-April 2017, The Don performed yet another Flip-Flop when he stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:


On April 11, 2017, voters in Kansas went to the polls to fill the vacant seat of former Rep. Mike Pompeo who was appointed as CIA director by Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


In the recent presidential election, The Don carried Pompeo’s deeply red congressional district by 27 points. However, Republican Ron Estes was only able to defeat Democrat James Thompson by seven (7) points, a 20 point drop in The Don’s defeat of Hillary.


After the results of Estes’ 7-point victory, The Don made the following false tweet:

  • “Great win in Kansas last night for Ron Estes, easily winning the Congressional race against the Dems, who spent heavily & predicted victory!”

The Don’s lies are easily provable since (1) the Democrats never predicted a victory and (2) Estes did not have an “easy win” (only won by 7 points).


No matter how insignificant a matter is and how easy it is to prove that The Don lied, he is incapable of telling the truth. In fact, if the mainstream media accused him of telling the truth, I believe he’d have his lawyer file a class action lawsuit against the truth and the mainstream media.


And, in The Don’s degenerate mind, winning by 7 points and 27 points are synonymous. He’d likely argue that the Baltimore Ravens 3-point (34 to 31) victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 Super Bowl was an easy win for the Ravens. On the other hand, he’d likely claim that the Seattle Seahawks 43 to 8 victory over the Denver Broncos in the 2014 Super Bowl was a nail-biter.


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