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Federal Judge Ronald White of Muskogee, OK; corrupt, Dufus

After spending many, many years as a compliant lackey and carrying water for the Republican Party hacks in Oklahoma (Ditto for Democrats), Ronald White was rewarded for his efforts when President Bush nominated him to a Federal District judgeship in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Earlier this year, the Judicial Council of the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Ronnie was guilty of the following judicial misconduct:
  1. Appointing friends as settlement judges [fellow losers]
  2. Ordering certain attorneys to pay his settlement judge friends fees for their services despite court rules that prohibited such conduct
  3. Made “inappropriate oral, written and nonverbal comments in orders and during court proceedings”
Seemingly, Ronnie the Loser’s moto was “a friend in need [settlement judge] is a friend indeed.” I’m confident that there were many more instances wherein Ronnie illegally appointed his loser friends as settlement judges.
This is really nothing more than a hybrid form of judicially approved incest, however, with the caveat that it is the taxpayers that are the ones getting screwed.
Ronnie’s Hyperbolic (BS) Apology
In keeping with his well-deserved image as an unethical Dufus, Ronnie apologized for his conduct. He then “assured the council that he will not engage in this or any other inappropriate conduct in the future.”
Believing Ronnie’s bullshit pledge that he will not engage in offering a helping hand to his attorney friends in the future doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test.
For his egregious misconduct, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Council in Denver punished Ronnie the Loser by gifting him with a reprimand.
Apparently, the enablers and apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Council of the 10th Circuit ordered that the evidentiary file proving Ronnie’s misconduct be sealed to protect the guilty.
Unfortunately, since Ronnie the Dumbo is only 50-years-old (DOB – 1961) and he’s on the bench for life, it’s likely that he’ll be in a position to perform financial favors for his attorney friends for 35 more years if he lives to be 86.
And if Ronnie decided to set a new long distance record longevity on the bench, he’d be in Muskogee “dispensing with justice” for another 54-years or until 2054. This would allow Ronnie to unseat Judge Wesley Brown of Kansas who is 104-years-old as we speak and was appointed by JFK in 1962.
This is exactly the kind of Judicial Misfit ya get when the sole qualification for a federal judgeship is the willingness to set aside at least 5 % of one’s disposable income for future purchases of ChapStick.

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