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Fox News requires Female Hosts to perform Sharon Stone routines

The Fox News Comedy Network under the leadership of Roger “The Pervert Pig” Ailes (PP) required 

all its female hosts and co-hosts to wear short skirts, bleach their hair blonde, cross their legs in a seductive manner and to emulate the conduct of Sharon Stone in the movie “Basic Instinct.”


Confirmation of the “no pants” decree by Fox has been confirmed by several female hosts including former The View co-host Jedediah Bila.

It is rumored that Ailes did not mandate that male hosts like Sean Hannity had to wear kilts (Scottish skirt), although in Sean’s case it may have been appropriate.


It is painfully clear that Fox and its Misogynistic Masters such as Roger Ailes felt that sexually harassing female employees was a perk for male hosts and/or co-hosts like Bill “The Perv” O’Reilly.


Ailes and Fox purposefully used female hosts/co-hosts as sexual props for the sole purpose of enticing male viewers (voyeurs in truth) to tune in to be sexually aroused. Put simply, many of these male viewers likely experience organisms while tuned in to the Fox News Comedy Network’s sexually oriented non-news shows.


And lastly, Sharon Stone should consider filing a lawsuit against Fox for infringement on the role she developed and played in the “Basic Instinct” movie. 


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