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Judge A. P. Fuller of Rapid City, SD; potty-mouth bigot, Gadaffi Wannabee, misogynist

Judge Fuller was presented with a law license by the South Dakota Supreme Court in 1943 after attending the University of South Dakota.
Unfortunately, then Gov. W. Michael Rounds was persuaded to appoint Fuller to a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court in Rapid City.
Recently, the South Dakota Judicial Qualifications Commission ruled that the evidence reveals a pattern of misconduct that began when Fuller assumed the bench [2003] and continued unabated throughout his judicial career. Specific instances of Fuller’s misconduct are as follows:
  1. In 2004 two female deputy clerks refused to go into Fuller’s courtroom because of degrading comments, swearing, anger, and disrespect
  2. Foster would repeatedly swear from the bench using terms such as “the goddamn clerk,” “the goddamn schedule,” and “the goddamn calendar”
  3. Foster also used the “F” word
  4. When clerk advised Muammar she needed to present during trial to mark exhibits, etc. he pointed his finger at her, raised his voice, and told her “you will do as you are told”
  5. When attorney Barton Banks first appeared in Fuller’s court, he called him “an asshole” and later “gave him the bird” causing the client to be greatly concerned [Pray tell!]
In another instance, Judge Fuller admits that in the hallway leading in his courtroom, he has told state’s attorneys and CSOs that “its time for me to see my little peckerheads”
The Misogynist told a legal intern that the legal profession was better off before women belonged and the profession should go back to the way it was in 1916 or 1918
The walls in Fuller’s courtroom have three pictures of Native Americans, which he would consistently remove to accommodate the audio-visual system. He would then comment, “This is where I hand my Indians.” An unreliable source indicated that Judge Fuller never ordered the removal of
Supreme Court Findings v. Judge Fuller (ca. May 18, 2011)
The Supreme Court stated that Judge Fuller has:
  1. Maligned the reputation of South Dakota’s judiciary [What reputation?]
  2. Insulted individual lawyers [Is that even possible?]
  3. Uttered insensitive racial and sexist jokes
  4. Conducted himself on the bench with unconscionable arrogance [This is News?]
  5. Rudely mistreated employees of the UJS
As a result of his egregious misconduct the enablers/apologists for Judicial Misfits in South Dakota sitting on the Supreme Court punished Muammar by giving him the following options:
Agree to attend an accredited course on judicial ethics at the Huey Long School of Ethics at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
Resume his weekly behavioral therapy sessions at the Mel Gibson Mental Health Clinic located on the 5th floor of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA.
As we speak (ca. June 6, 2011) this loser remains on the bench in Rapid City.



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