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 Attorney Thomas M. Corea of Dallas; congenital liar, ethical elf
Attorney Thomas M. Corea was presented with a law license by the Arizona Supreme Court in 1995 after his graduation from the University of California – Hastings School of law in San Francisco.
In January 2010 the Arizona State Bar and Surpeme Court found Tommy guilty of the following misconduct:
  1. Perpetrating a fraud on the court by fabricating false facts/documents
  2. Engaging in dishonest and deceitful conduct
  3. Violation of court order to cease and desist
  4. Court finding Tommy guilty of contempt
The fraud perpetrated by Tommy involved his representation of Wells Fargo Financial Acceptance Corporation regarding a foreclosure action pending in the Crownpoint Judicial District Court of the Navajo Nation.
When the defendant’s failed to answer the complaint filed by Corea on behalf of Wells Fargo, Judge Irene Toledo set a default hearing for September 19, 2007.
Tommy then filed a request with Judge Toledo to appear telephonically at the hearing by claiming there was a conflict because he was scheduled to attend a motion hearing in a Dallas, Texas court on the same date (Sept 19, 2007). Attached to Tommy’s sham request was a fabricated “Notice of Hearing of the Motion for Summary Judgment.”
Subsequently Judge Toledo contacted the Dallas Court and discovered that the case Tommy relied on in asking to appear telephonically was in fact dismissed one year earlier in 2006.
Judge Toledo’s Contempt Finding v. Tommy Boy
Based on Tommy’s fraudulent conduct, Judge Toledo found him guilty of contempt of court. The judge then ordered that Tommy be permanently barred from practicing in the Crownpoint court except for the purpose of transferring any existing cases in the Crownpoint Court to successor counsel.
For his egregious misconduct that involved fraud, dishonesty and deceit, the enablers/apologists sitting on the Arizona Surpeme Court punished Tommy Boy by gifting him with a complimentary censure.
Due to his banishment from practicing law in any Navaho Tribunal, it appears that Tommy has abandoned practicing law in Arizona. However, he continues to practice his so-called brand of law at 1201 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas.
It should be noted that it appears that Tommy has also lied to the Texas State Bar Association by denying he has ever been the subject of attorney discipline in any state other than Texas. By research tells me that at least in 2010 Arizona was a state.



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