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Chief Bankruptcy Judge George Paine II of Nashville; racist, public porker

Judge George Paine II of Nashville has dedicated the vast majority (1981-2011) porking out at the public trough. In 1981, George the Racist was appointed to the bankruptcy court in Nashville. Since 1986 George has served as Chief Bigot, I’m sorry I mean Chief Bankruptcy Judge in Nashville.
In an effort to forever prove his bona fides as a die-in-the-wool racist, George became a member of the Belle Meade Country Club in Nashville in 1978. (Adam Liptak, NY Times, 5/13/11) Belle Meade is a well-respected and infamous practitioner of invidious (aka, repugnant) racism. Would we accept another kind Jeremiah?
As a practicing Honkey, and to be excruciatingly fair to Belle Meade’s illustrious members, it has always engaged in the equal enforcement of its overt bigotry. Put simply, Belle Meade’s mantra is to treat Blacks and Women with equal disdain and contempt (twofer if it’s a Black Woman). Hey Delmas, is that like cool or what?
After George was exposed in 2010 for being a card-carrying member of Belle Meade since at least 1978, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals instituted an investigation. The Code of Judicial Conduct “forbids federal judges from being members of clubs that discriminate based on race or gender.” (Adam Liptak, NY Times, 5/13/11)
The Code of Conduct offers a limited exception for judges who “make immediate and continuous efforts to have the organization discontinues its invidiously discriminatory practices.” According to the NY Times, George the Bigot wrote a letter to Belle Meade in 1995 asking it to increase the diversity of its membership.
Can waiting 17 years (1978 to 1995) to ask Belle Meade to end its invidious discrimination be construed as “immediate action?” Apparently it was by 10 of judges sitting on the panel investigation George’s despicable conduct when they credited him with his alleged efforts to integrate Belle Meade.
Of course if George wasn’t a die-in-the-wool bigot and truly desired to cause the integration of Belle Meade, then he would have resigned his membership many, many years ago, right? Of course the only reason George the Racist didn’t resign was because being a member afforded him the opportunity to break bread and mingle with like-mind bigots from the Nashville area.
All good-hearted and well-intentioned bigots in the Tennessee, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky areas can now take comfort in knowing that ten (10) judges sitting in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled that Belle Meade Country Club doesn’t really engage in invidious racism. It is rumored that the vote in favor of Belle Meade was appropriately held in Pulaski, Tennessee.
This lame attempt at levity is based on Belle Meade admitting a single black member in 1994 whose membership prohibits him from any voting rights. This alleged integration gives “tokenism” a bad name if ya know what I mean!
Patently, the 10 judges who so voted that Belle Meade didn’t practice racism missed their calling as standup comedians.
An unreliable source indicated that the overt racism in processing African-American applications at Belle Meade County Club can be traced to the person in charge of reviewing and approving all applications, which is none other than Mr. Jim Crow.

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