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Trump’s 10th post-election lie: New Hampshire Voter Fraud


To maintain his “League Leading Average” amongst America’s Premier Congenital Liars and Pathological Bullshitters, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to once again lie that voter fraud cost him the popular vote.


In a recent (early February 2017) meeting with 10 U.S. Senators The Don went on another tangent claiming that he was the victim of widespread voter fraud.


After reporters were ushered out of the meeting room, The Don claimed that the reason he and former New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost the election was due to voter fraud. The Don went on to tell the attendees the following blatant lie.

  • “Thousands of people were brought in on busses from Massachusetts to illegal vote in New Hampshire.”

The lie caught the attendees, including Kelly Ayotte by surprise as they tried to digest The Don’s latest pathological lie.


If The Don’s statement bore any semblance of the truth, then there should be photos or video footage available of a caravan of Greyhound buses (at least 50) driving North on I-93 from the Boson area into Southern New Hampshire. Of course, no such photos or video exists because it never happened, a fact well known to Don the Congenital Liar.


And lastly, how many provable lies must The Don tell before his supporters (Trumponians) decide they’ve had enough of his crap? 


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