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Million Skank March on DC not impressive sez Josh Bernstein


In late Jan 2017, Right-wing radio host Josh Bernstein appeared on TheDove TV’s comedy show “Focus Today” program to voice his displeasure with last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington that was dedicated to protesting the inauguration of Donald “Trumporleone” Trump.


Josh told TheDove TV’s intellectually disabled followers:


“Madonna should be arrested and imprisoned for life for the comments she made at the rally.”

“I’ve been renaming it the ‘Million Skank March’ for a reason because these women were absolutely horrendous, dressing up in women’s private parts costumes and running around.”


Josh continued with his demeaning misogynistic rant by saying:

  • “This is what feminism and the feminazi movement have devolved into in the year 2017.” Bernstein added, “Ivanka Trump is the type of woman that women should look up to, not these old, postmenopausal skanks from Hollywood that are really just deplorable and disgusting in every fashion.”

In truth, Josh’s sole purpose for demeaning women and spewing forth an assortment of bigoted hatred is to financially enrich himself just like his mentors Rush “The Doper” Limbaugh and Ann “The Man” Coulter.


How much would you girls pay to watch Josh undergo a colonoscopy performed by an amateur proctologist on Pay Per View TV?


And lastly, I wonder if the reason Josh’s wife divorced him was because he treated her like a skank.


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