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Trump’s 9th post-election lie: 2 shot dead in Chicago during Obama's speech


During a recent (late Jan 2017) interview with ABC News, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump decided to add to his League Leading Lying Score by once again attempting to besmirch President Obama.


In this instance, The Don falsely stated that two people were shot and killed in Chicago during former Obama’s farewell speech in the Chicago. (Paulina Firozi)


After The Don told ABC’s David Muir about the “horrible carnage” in Chicago and compared the city to Afghanistan, and said he wanted to “fix the problem,” he told the following lie.

  • "So, look, when President Obama was there two weeks ago, making a speech, very nice speech.”
  • “Two people were shot and killed during his speech.”
  • “You can't have that.”

It boggles the mind that a sitting President would cheerfully fabricate a blatant lie that was so easy to disprove. Not only is The Don a Serial Narcissistic Liar (SNL), he’s a Degenerate Psychopath.


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