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Trump’s 4th post-election Lie: I’m gonna sue them lying women


Shortly after the release of the Access Hollywood video showing Donald “Trumporleone” Trump saying “I grabbing women by the pussy” was released 10 or 11 women came forward with allegations that The Don had sexually assaulted them.


As each woman came forward, The Don vigorously denied he had done anything inappropriate and laughingly defended himself by saying “Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump.”


The Don’s claim that he didn’t even recognize any of the 11 women doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test. I suppose The Don would have us believe that all of these women were wearing Industrial Strength Burkas thereby making it impossible for him to see their faces.


This is analogous to Adolph Hitler saying “Nobody has more respect for Jews than Adolph Hitler.”


Over and over and over The Don promised his gullible supporters that he was going to sue these lying women as soon as the presidential election was over. Well, Boys and Girls, the election’s been over now for twenty-eight (28) days as of December 6, 2016, and The Don hasn’t filed a lawsuit against any of his accusers.


Anyone with an I.Q. in triple digits well knew that The Don wasn’t going to ever sue any of the women who claimed he had sexually assaulted them. The main reason being is they were all telling the truth. However, a lawsuit by The Don would have resulted in the women countersuing him for defamation for calling them a bunch of damn liars.


Unfortunately, this is yet another fine example of The Don duping his followers by spewing forth his usual dose of lying BS. Even more unfortunate is the fact that those afflicted with Donaphobia don’t much give a damn how many times he lies as long he keeps telling them he’s gonna make “America great again.”

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