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Trump’s 2nd post-election lie: I saved Ford plant from moving to Mexico


In mid-November 2016, Donald “Trumporleone” Trump falsely claimed that he personal intervened to stop Ford Motor Company from closing its plant in Louisville, Kentucky and moving it to Mexico. In support of his fabricated falsehood, The Don sent out the following tweets to his low I.Q. followers:

  • “Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky – no Mexico.”
  • “I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky.”
  • “I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me.”

It is undisputed that Ford never planned on or ever made any statement that it was moving the Louisville plant to Mexico. In fact, the record clearly proves that Ford Motor Company made significant commitments to the United Auto Workers Union to maintain production and jobs at its two factories in Kentucky, including the one in Louisville.


So here we have The Don intentionally lying to the voters in Kentucky who supported his candidacy by claiming that he “owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence” in him to tell them a total lie.


This is just another fine example of The Don manufacturing a falsehood in order to dupe his followers into believing that he has personally accomplished something when in fact he did nothing more than tell another lie.


How many lies will it take before the voters who voted for Trump will come to realize that that The Done is in fact a fraud, fake and phony that Mitt Romney and other have claimed he was many times over? Will 100 do it? Will 500 lies change their minds? Or doesn’t the truth mean anything to these folks?


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