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Trump's 1st post-election Lie: I never settle lawsuits 


Donald “Trumporleone” Trump was scheduled to go to trial in San Diego in late November 2016 on claims that he defrauded thousands of students who bought into his Trump University scam.


During the presidential campaign, The Don repeatedly said he never settles lawsuits. In an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” during the GOP race for the nomination, The Don said:


  • “My opponents are spending $100 million on negative phony ads on Trump University, which, by the way, has at 98 percent approval rating by the students that took the course."
  • "It would be easy for me to settle the case, it's a simple civil case."
  • "Probably I should, but I don't want to because I give them a great soundbite, but I don't settle cases. I don't get sued because I don't settle cases, I win in court.”

On November 18, 2016, The Don announced the he was settling the Trump University fraud lawsuit for $25 million. The very next day, The Don sent out the following hyperbolic (BS) tweets.


“The only BAD thing about winning the presidency” is not having time to sit for a trial I would have won. “Too bad!”

“I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focus on our country.”


The Don’s biggest lie is that he paid $25 million so that he could devote he could focus his time on serving our country. The only reason The Don settled the case is because he absolutely knew he was going to lose and that such a loss could have cost him $200 million or more.


This is only an example of what lies ahead for Trump voters as he is exposed as the Serial Liar that he clearly is. Unfortunately, his supporters don’t give a damn how much and how often he lies because if they did he would not have won the election.


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